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The Tobias Registry is the national Swedish registry of healthy donors of blood-forming stem cells. The Swedish registry of potential stem cell donors was established in 1992 and named the Tobias Registry in memory of Tobias who died of a blood disorder on 30 December 1991 at age 17. Finding Tobias a donor with suitable stem cells had not been possible.
The Tobias Registry is administered by Stockholm Care AB, a limited company owned by Stockholm County Council. The Tobias Registry lists about 80 000 individuals who have registered as potential donors. To date some 800 stem cell transplantations have been performed thanks to the registry, giving all these gravely ill patients the chance to live.
The Tobias Registry is one of many registries participating in a worldwide collaboration. A total of more than 28 million tissue typed/HLA typed individuals are listed in these registries.
To register as a donor, you should be between 18-35 years of age, entirely healthy and have a permanent residence permit in Sweden.
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